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I would like to thank Dave Marsden (Z Power), Joacim Larsen (YamaParts) and Rick Brett (Classic Kawasaki) for their help when I first set up this website. 

Click on the images below to visit their websites.

Z Power          YamaParts        Rick Brett - Classic Kawasaki

Below are other websites that you may find interesting.

If you would like a link to your Kawasaki Z related club or business, please e-mail me.

Paul Mercer  -  Z1Kawasaki@hotmail.co.uk

  Z Club Germany  

Classic Z-Club Germany (Peter Krauss is the President)

I am sure you will enjoy the club's website.


  Z Stammtisch Kassel   

Z Stammtisch, Kassel, Germany

  Z1Parts.Net - Kawasaki Parts Specialist    Z1Parts.net - Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Parts specialist based in California. Worldwide Shipping. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  Classic Motorcycles Ireland   
Classic Motorcycles, County Wicklow, Ireland
   Steve Dunn - Z1B Painting  

Steve Dunn - Paintings of Bikes

  Z900.US    Z900.US  -  Online Motorcycle Accessory Shop
  GJF Services - Restoring Excellence   GJF Services - Restoring Excellence. Specialists in the reclamation, preparation and restoration of motorcycle parts.
  John Brookes Z2 (750RS)    John Brookes - Z2 (750RS) 
  Z1 Owners Club - Great Britain   
Z1 Owners Club - Great Britain 
Z1OC Z1 Owners Club
  Kawasaki Owners Club   
Kawasaki Owners Club
  Warsteiner Z Crew, Germany   
Warsteiner Z Crew, Germany
  KZKrazy Logo    1973-1980 Kawasaki inline fours









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