Your Z - Mike Barouch - KZ1000

June 2016
In memory of Mike Barouch who has passed away since this article was written.

Kawasaki KZ1000 - Mike Barouch

 Kawasaki KZ1000 - Mike Barouch

 This modified 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000 belongs to Mike Barouch from the USA.

This motorcycle started out as a 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000. The bike has a 1976 KZ900 motor punched out to 1015cc. The motor is fitted with a KZ1000 cylinder head and J.E. pistons and has a 10.5:1 compression ratio. It has Mikuni VM28SS carburettors from a Z1R. 

Dyna S ignition is used. The ignition and light switches have been relocated towards the back of the left side panel. There are several other modifications such as a Corbin seat and Marving exhaust. 

The fuel tank is KZ900 with pin striping similar to Z1B graphics. 

Passenger footrest brackets and center stand tabs have been removed. A shortened side stand is used.

The headlight and handlebars are Harley Davidson Sportster. The tail light is from a ZX12.

The steering is raked by 6 degrees using custom fork trees (yokes). The swing arm is from a KZ1000 LTD. These are longer than standard KZ1000 items. Shortened 11 inch rear shocks are fitted. The front forks are from a KZ1000 CSR. 

The wheels are from a KZ1000 LTD. Tires are 100-90-19 front and 150-80-16 rear.

The front fender has been drilled to fit closer to the tire. The rear fender has been removed.

The bike has no tachometer or speedometer. This is legal in Las Vegas where Mike lives.


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