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The Kawasaki Z2 (750RS) was the 746cc version designed for the Japanese market.

It was also sold in South Africa.

The Z2 range ran in parallel to the Z1 but with some differences.

Kawasaki Z2. Photograph courtesy of John Brookes


The 1973 Z2 was similar to the Z1 but was only available in the Candy Orange / Brown colour scheme.
The 746cc engine had a bore and stroke of 64mm x 58mm. It featured four 26mm Mikuni carburettors and produced 69 bhp at 9000 rpm.


The 1974 Z2A was only available in the Z1A colour of Candy Tone Green / Yellow.
Unlike the Z1A, the Z2A engine continued to be painted in black as were all engines throughout production of the Z2 range.

Z2A (1975)

Kawasaki never officially released a Z2B, however the Z2A (1975) was similar to the Z1B.
Again, this motorcycle was only available in one colour option, this time Candy Super Red.
Although the colour scheme was the same as the Z1B, the side panel badges were in the style of the Z1 and Z1A models.


In 1976, the Z750-A4 ran alongside the Z900-A4.
This time, the motorcycle was available in both of the Z900 colours, Diamond Dark Green and Diamond Brown. There were new Z750 side panel badges.
The Z750-A4 continued with the black painted engine.
The carburettors were of a new design similar to the Z900-A4 and this enabled the Z750-A4 to produce 70 bhp at 9000 rpm.


The Z750-A5 was introduced at the same time as the Z1000-A1 and was available in the Z1000-A1 colours of Diamond Wine Red or Diamond Sky Blue.
Although Kawasaki had introduced a rear disc brake and a new four into two exhaust system for the Z1000-A1, the rear drum brake and four into four exhaust sytem was continued for the Z750-A5.


The Z750-D1 was introduced at the same time as the Z1000-A2. The Z750-D1 was available in the Z1000-A2 colours of Luminous Green or Luminous Red.

The Z750-D1 now featured the rear disc brake and also had the front brake calipers relocated behind the fork legs. The four into four exhaust system remained as did the black engine. 

Z750-D1s for the South African market had a silver finish to the engine.

If you wish to find out more about the Z2, then you will most likely enjoy visiting the website site run by John Brookes. Click on the link below to visit John's site.

Kawasaki Z2 website


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