Kawasaki KZ900-C2 Police Motorcycle


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In 1976, around 250 Kawasaki KZ900 motorcycles, manufactured in Japan, were sent out to California where they were prepared for Police use by motor racing legend, Dan Gurney.

These motorcycles were known as the KZ900-C2, and differed from the standard KZ900 in several ways.


The fuel tank, side panels and mudguards (fenders) were painted white.

There was a thin black stripe along the bottom of each side of the fuel tank. The top of the fuel tank was painted black and then edged with a thin white stripe and a thin black stripe.

The Police logo was positioned on each side of the fuel tank and the KAWASAKI badges normally on the fuel tank were fitted to the side panels.
The famous Kawasaki Z1 / (K)Z900 style tailpiece was not fitted to the C2.

         California Highway Patrol badge on Kawasaki KZ900-C2

 Kawasaki KZ900-C2 footboard and gear linkeage  

The C2 featured footboards instead of footrests.

A toe and heel gear change was fitted and the rear brake lever was also different from the standard KZ900.
                                                                         Crash bars were fitted front and rear. 

A windshield was fitted to the high rise handlebars.

A four into two exhaust system was fitted to allow space for the Police Equipment panniers.

The standard seat was replaced by a springer type saddle.

The motorcycle shown on this page also features passenger footboards and a removable passenger seat that could be replaced with the Police radio top box. 
   Kawasaki KZ900 Police Motorcycle
 Kawasaki KZ900-C2 instruments  

The instruments on the C2 were similar to those on the standard KZ900 except that the speedometer was calibrated to 130mph in 1mph increments.

The tachometer remained the same, calibrated to 12,000rpm with the redline beginning at 9,000rpm.

Additional indicator lamps were fitted to the instrument panel for the Police lights. 



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